London is the capital of England. There is a lot of things to see and do in London. It is site to major sights like the tower of London and Buckingham palace. The Tate Modern and the National Gallery can be visited by art lovers. For people interested in War history, you can visit the Cabinet War Rooms. The city is also home to many good restaurants.


Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is situated in Scotland, United Kingdom. Edinburgh is a cultural tapestry that is defined by the hills, the bold stone turrets of Edinburgh Castle and cathedrals. The city is the site of several annual celebrations of art, theatre and music.


Liverpool has unique attractions, world class sports offerings and unrivalled musical heritage.  You can relive the at the Beatles story experience and also visit Paul McCartney's childhood home. Liverpool has a large collection of museums and galleries you can visit. You will always find a good selection of places to visit, things to do and exciting events in Liverpool.


The city of York holds 1900 years worth of history. The city was built by the Romans in 71 AD and was captured by the Vikings in 866 AD. The city is renowned  for its exquisite architecture, its quaint cobbled streets and its iconic York Minster.

A visitor to York can visit the Yorkshire museum and gardens, the York castle museum, historic buildings, shops and restaurants.


The city of Bath is a beautiful and special city as has been designated by UNESCO as the world heritage site. Bath is the only place in the UK where you can bathe in naturally hot spa water and original Roman Baths, making it the ultimate spa break destination for a lot of people. The city of bath hosts local events, popular restaurants and the best pubs. You could also visit the Jane Austen's center which is dedicated to Bath's most famous resident.


Manchester city is popular for its football teams and music scene. It is a city with a population of well over two million. It is well served by a light rail and bus network. Manchester city has unique

restaurants, bars, galleries, museums and hotels. Top destinations in Manchester city includes arcade Affleck's Palace, Lowry art complex and Canal street gay village.


Cambridge is a city in eastern England and it is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge dating to 1209. University colleges include Kings, Trinity and St John. University museums have exhibits on anthropology, archaeology,  polar exploration, zoology and the history of science. There is a vibrant theatre and arts scene in Cambridge and also nice restaurants mixed in with traditional pubs. You can also get beautiful views of the city by climbing the tower of Great St Mary's church.