Summer Holidays

Want Some Idyllic Escape in the Summer Sun? At Ska, We’ll Bag You a Great Bargain!

Thinking of going on a summer break with your family, spouse or on a solo trip? Now’s the right time to book an unforgettable holidays at a fancy family beach, or a thrilling short break or a sunshine getaway in the best holiday destinations around the world!
From Spain to Turkey, France to Italy, USA to Canada, Portugal to Croatia, Germany to Malta, Cyprus to Greece and Islands, Indonesia to Malaysia, India to Africa; Australia to China the Ska will get you the best holiday deals to some of the most iconic places and natural landmarks on earth.
But that’s not all. We’ll help you get all the best deals the destination you’ve always dreamed about, then we compare prices to ensure you have the best trip at the best price.
Whether you want a budget break to Barcelona, or you want to take your whole family to Orlando to unwind for the summer holiday or some other exotic paradise, the Ska will help you make it a reality in no time at a price to beat.
So get out of your daily, monotonous routine around your location and treat yourself and your whole family to a tour of sheer fun and excitement in an entirely new and intriguing travel destination.
In Europe, tick off some of your top to-do’s on your bucket list with an extraordinary journey of music festivals, tranquil islands and beach sunsets, colourful cities and historical towns
In the USA, get lost in the vim and vigor of bustling cities, natural wonders, coastal roads with overwhelming surfing excitements with 50 states t choose from.
In Africa, fly on an adventure to the dizzying heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, go on guided safari and see wild animals in their natural habitats, submerge your imagination in the sand dunes of Namibia and enjoy the beaches of Cape Town.
Feel the thrill of a new culture, fiery cuisine and contrasting landscapes in India; and in Australia, gasp in the excitement of breathtaking scenery and try out your surfing skills on the blue beaches.
At Ska, we know getting an early holiday start on your holiday plans and booking arrangements will also make it easier to get good bargains. That’s why we’re also aiming to secure and book the best deals at the right time.
Some of the unique summer holiday services we offer include:
Landmark and city tours

We know all the landmarks in your holiday or tourist destination choice, such as fountains, iconic places in the city, waterfalls, national parks and games reserves in every location of your choice, and will help you make early tour arrangements at the best prices.
Guided and exclusive tour
We can also arrange custom tours based on your personal interests.
Museums and festivals
Not just art museums music festivals, but fun varieties such as science museums, history museums, children museums, food festivals, antique markets, and special family days and events for kids.