Some of Europe’s Best Holiday Gem Cities

So you know by heart some of the Europe most incredible holiday destination. You think of shopping and London tops the list; for museum and a great atmosphere, Paris the City of Light comes to mind. And how about Amsterdam and its Canals?
Good list. But we bet there a few other holiday gems in Europe you may not have heard of, and that ae waiting to be discovered…

Lugano, Switzerland

You can call this international city a mesh of European culture; the archetypical cosmopolitan European city. An exciting region for travel enthusiasts, Lugano has a warmth and welcoming air about it, offering thousands of great possibilities to its visitors and serving as sort of a gateway to Europe.

Lugano is ensconced in the heart of Ticiano, a region famous for its holidays sceneries and themes, and is bustling with business, history and fun, featuring a good number of banks, business centres, and other financial institutions; as well as parks and flowers, villas and sacred building.

Lugano gives the visitor a Mediterranean feel and uniquely combines the look of a leading European city and an idyllic little town.

Trieste, Italy

Trieste was an important port city during the Habsburg Monarchy, and was certainly the most strategic of the one of the Great Powers of Europe in the 19th century. It was a thriving seaport in the Mediterranean region and, along with Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, was one of the largest cities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It would later evolve as an important hub for literature and music during the fin-de-siecle period era, becoming prosperous during the 1930s and emerging as an important spot in the post Second World War struggle between the Eastern and Western blocs.

Today, Trieste is one of the Italy’s riches regions and an important port city known for shipping, ship building and financial services.

Santorini, Greece

Have you always been fascinated by the myth of the lost Atlantis buried under the seas? You may not actually see one, but you could feel the aura visiting Santorini, a crescent-shaped island.

The city’s border outlined was formed by volcanic activities during prehistoric times, thus feeding the myth of the lost Atlantis.

Essentially, Santorini is what is left of a giant volcanic eruption some 3,6000 years ago, morphing into the present day geological caldera, which consists of a mostly rectangular giant central lagoon that measures about 12 by 7 km and walled in by 300 m high steep cliffs on three sides.

The volcano has simmered and remained mild after that huge explosion, leading to the emergence of tow small islands within the caldera: Palea and Nea Kameni which attracts hundreds tourists.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is famous for its fascinating culture, leisure, shopping, sports and nightlife experience, which it offers in abundance for the whole family. It’s a favourite destination for both adults and kids. Its lovely beaches and aqua tours offers great thrill for fun seekers and people in search of peace and quiet.

For shopping addicts, you’ll see shops are a part of the city life and there are zillions of unforgettable sights in this city that never sleeps.



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