Top Destinations That You Should Visit in England

Top Destinations That You Should Visit in England

England is among the world’s most visited countries. Britons have strong links with many countries all over the world since the colonial era. Football fans from all over the world also follow England’s football league closely. From skydivers, ice skaters and the adventurous lot, this country caters for people from all walks of life. The following are the most notable attractions in England.
The Tower of London
This destination is old enough to show the evolution of this great country. Imagine visiting a structure founded in 1066 where it initially served as a castle. Used a prison from 1100 to the mid-20th century, this tower is now home to the famous British Crown Jewels. It is in the list of the most haunted places in the country characterized by ghost tales.
The City of Bath
This small city has more than you can handle in a day. The Roman Baths, which is 2000 years old, is the most famous tourist destination in this ancient town. You can have a bath in its beautiful hot springs spread all over. Expect more than 500 hundred buildings of historical importance within this city. The city of Bath boasts of the World Heritage status, courtesy of its structures and culture of its residents. You can also easily access some of England’s most attractive countryside such as the Mendip Hills and the Avon Valley.
London Zoo
Fans of wildlife have a chance to see rare species within this zoo that hosts more than 12,000 animals. Expect over 100 penguins, gorillas, lions and tigers within this preserve. The butterfly house has some of the most beautiful butterflies that can lay eyes on. You can as well attend one of the feeding sessions and interact with llamas, penguins, and tigers just to mention a few.
Located on the Salisbury Plain, this ancient monument is among the most visited places in Britain. Expect some hanging stones that cover about 8 square miles making a beautiful scene. There are several stone circles from the Bronze Age which were in active use during the Roman era. You can learn a lot from the Visitors Centre which houses various informative exhibitions.
Windsor Castle
This building ranks among the world’s oldest and largest inhabited castle. Built in 1154, it served as the residence of King Henry II and is also an official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Some other areas of interest within this castle include St. Georges Chapel and State Apartments.
Lake District
This site is the largest national park in the country and receives about 14 million tourists annually. Its lakes, hills, and mountains provide inspiring scenery that you cannot resist. Hiking and hill climbing fans consider this park as their premier destination.
From parks, preserves, ancient churches to monuments, England provides attractions for all irrespective of age or culture. Getting around England is also efficient courtesy of the great infrastructural network. Some educational centers such as Cambridge University also preserve some ancient buildings worth visiting.



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