Traveling Often May Be a Secret Key to Success In Life, A New Study Finds

Traveling Often May Be a Secret Key to Success In Life, A New Study Finds

There’s always a palpable thrill and excitement when travelling for the first time, and a new study says the experience of seeing new places, people, and cultures generally boosts an individual’s confidence level, broadens their horizon and ultimately makes them more inclined to be successful in life.

The recent research, which was commissioned by, found out that the feeling that comes with a passport being stamped, visa being approved, getting on a flight, a coach or long distance train for the first time opens the mind to new experiences.

The study surveyed 15,000 from 20 countries worldwide and discovered that when people try out a new city or do something that is entirely out of their comfort zones, they can be inspired to make new life enriching changes to their daily routine or lifestyle.

One in 10 or 13% of the respondents said that traveling for the first time inspired them to switch jobs or careers. The same number of survey people said the experience encouraged them change their relationship, while one in five or 21% of the people interviewed said they decided to move to an entirely new place after their first-time travel experience.

A further analysis of the research shows that 53% of first time travellers considered the experience more excited than their first date, 51% said it gave them more thrill than their first job, 62% says said it was more fulfilling than making a new friend, and 36% or more than one in three people said it was more memorable than a first kiss.

Two thirds or 65% of the respondents said the experience of seeing a new place for the first time significantly lifted their confidence levels.

Also 61% of the survey population of three in five persons think people who travel often generally have a more interesting personality; and nearly half of the people interviewed (45%) believe travelling more regularly makes an individual more predisposed to life and career success.

While it was generally agreed that first time travelling can be nervous, 61% of those surveyed said whatever anxiety they felt before getting on the plane or that long-distance coach or train soon thinned out. And the tensed feeling got replaced by a new level of confidence and inspiration to try out new things or change a few a major things about their lives generally.

The respondents also believe their new found confidence boosted from travelling for the first time can inspire new opportunities. About 40% of the study group believe it helped them meet with new kinds of people, 43% said it made them try out new cooking recipes and kinds of foods, 29% said they were able to learn new languages, while 29% said the experience inspired them to read and learn about other cultures.

Another interesting discovery of the research proves that after a few travels and exciting experiences, people catch the travel bug which then becomes hard to shake off. In fact, two out of three or 64% of the survey population said the unique experience they feel from a first time travel prompts them to want to visit other new places in the future.



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