Winter Holidays

Soak Up the Rays of the Winter Sun with the Ska’s Great Bargain Holiday Destination!

Do you want to escape the winter cold and frostiness with your family and wondering where would make a great holiday escape? Is the freezing temperature making you feel blue and you’re looking for how to beat those dark days?

The Ska is here to help. We’ll help you book the most amazing and fun-filled holiday spots from across to world where you can immerse yourself in the warmth of the winter sun.

We have an extensive catalogue of the best winter sun holidays destinations from every region and various countries on the planet to guide you in making the right choices most suited to your specific preferences and budget size.

Do you want to experience the thrill and awe of nature watching wild animals at close range in their natural habitats while on a guided tour of the African safari? Or you want to see the magic of the Caribbean with weather conditions in a heart-warming 20s (°C), along with exotic destinations like the Canary Islands and Cape Verde?

How about heading to the celebrity holiday hub spot of Barbados; or the soft sandy beaches and the panoramic sceneries of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago? Here, you can get a real treat for your winter break with warmer climates at a steady low humidity of 28ºC – 30ºC and with lots of sunshine.

For someplace more unusual, we can book a holiday inn for you on smaller Canary Islands such as as La Palma or the beautiful La Gomera which you can access from Tenerife where you’ll discover tropical zoos.

We can also help you organise a memorable trip to the tiny La Graciosa just north of Lanzarote, where you can be amazed with lava fields and Gran Canaria theme park to experience America’s Wild West.

Perhaps you want to absorb yourself and family in the delightful sun-kissed beaches in Tenerife or you fancy an all inclusive family holidays close to luxuriant and exclusive mini golf courses, or striking aqua life-rich aquariums, Ska can get you your dream winter break holiday quick, easy and without hassles.

If what you’re looking for is a winter wonderland, we also have great packages to suit your tastes with trips to Lapland for you and your family to see Santa.

And if you love the gung-ho themed holiday, we can help you book great lively spots for party lovers with cocktails, discos, and karaoke; and an endless stretch of sunny beaches.

Africa offers a lot more than the safari or the Serengeti in Southern Africa; and the Gambia on the West coast of the continent offers a different kind of thrill with lovely beaches, wildlife excursions and great value hotels.

Egypt is another classic winter sun destination on the continent with temperatures drift in the region of 22ºC at the start of the year steadies at 25ºC around November with 10 hours of sunshine every day.

These and other exclusive and all inclusive family holiday packages are available at the Ska at the best bargains you’ll get anywhere. Book your winter escape today with us and experience a great trip and a lifetime of sweet memories.